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Extrusion Pelletizer Line
To recycle the used EPS (expandable polystyrene) foam to GPPS material for injection machine.
Function: for EPS foam recycling pelletizing  
Screw and barrel: made of 45# STEEL , inlet mouth is coverd special alloy  (screw dia.¢160,long. dia.ratio 160*200*640 ) 
Motor:  15kw-4p general motor
Mould: Round Mould head
Heat loop:  stainless steel cuprum
Gear box: ZLYJ133strong hard-teeth surface , made of top grade special alloy  
Screw and barrel: made of 38CrMoAl , inlet mouth is coverd special alloy  
(screw dia.¢90,long dia.ratio 90*130*850 ) 
Motor:  4kw-4p timing motor
Heat loop:  stainless steel cuprum
Granule cutter :  ¢100*100 ,1.5KW-4P timing motor
Crushing&baiting system: foam crusher : suction blower , suction pipe  
Output  :70-90kg/hour  
Total Power : 27 Kw  380 V, 50HZ, 3 PH  
Total weight: 1700kg

Complete set include the following parts :  
1, EPS HOPPER with rotary system  
2, Main machine with double-screw extruder, hydraulic system for filter net change
3, Water cooling slot tank  
4, Dry system for pellets
5, Pellets cutter .  
6 Stainless Pellets Tank